Upcoming Auditions for NJ Shows

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2/10/2019 - 2/11/2019

Nutley Little Theatre announces auditions for

By Douglas Carter Beane
Directed by Penny Paul

Dates: Sunday, February 10 and Monday, February 11 - 7:00pm for both dates.
Place: Nutley Little Theatre, 47 Erie Place, Nutley, NJ.

Show dates are April 12, 13, 18, 19, 25, 26, 27 at 8pm and April 14 and 27 at 2pm (there will be no performance on Easter).

Shows for Days is an arch love letter to community theater, this autobiographical comedy chronicles the playwright’s coming of age in the 1970s amidst a motley crew of devoted thespians. The show originally was presented off Broadway at Lincoln Center and starred Patti Lupone.


Irene: Female, 40-60. Late 50s, but you wouldn't know it. A force of nature with an outsize personality, theatrical, ambitious, indomitable, and given to the grand gesture

Car: Male, actor must be able to play 35-45 AND the same character as a teenager. A playwright, looking back on a time of his life when he discovered the theater and his sexuality. For much of the play, he plays his teenaged self, a young man in search of his place in the world, which he discovers in the theater

Sid: Female, 40-50. Shoulders the hard work, the unglamorous work of running a theater; tough, unsentimental, constantly frustrated by her partner’s unrealistic demands

Clive: Male, 40s. African American. Has stature, style, and wit; he is gay, self-assured, clever, and has an innate sophistication about the theater.

Damian: Male, 20s-30s. Very attractive, easygoing, charming, the kind of guy whom everyone falls for, women and men alike.

Maria: Female, 30s. An aging ingénue, views the world with a certain naiveté and open heart; she's often teased by the other company members, who are a bit more sophisticated than she.

For more information, contact the director Penny Paul via Facebook Messenger or pepster39@hotmail.com.

Nutley Little Theatre stages its productions at the NLT Barn, 47 Erie Place, Nutley, located off Brookfield Avenue (one block east of Franklin Avenue) in the heart of the Erie Place Historic District. For directions, please see www.nutleylittletheatre.com.