“Romeo And Bernadette ” at Paper Mill Playhouse

“Romeo And Bernadette ”
by Mark Saltzman

Picture it: Verona, 1560 collides head- on with Brooklyn, 1960. Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet takes on The Sopranos. Will our dashing hero, Romeo, find his true love in this hilariously funny and melodically romantic new musical? Romeo races through the centuries on a quest for his beloved and finds her in Brooklyn in the year 1960. But her name seems to be Bernadette, not Juliet, and can it be she's the daughter of a major mob boss? Look, this thing is a laugh-a-minute riot of a musical comedy - there are wise guys, whacks, and...hey, what do we got to do, spell it out to you? Fuhged-about-it, it's not to be missed! Ba da bing, ba da boom and forsooth!

Performed by Paper Mill Playhouse
At Paper Mill Playhouse
Performances ran
Wednesday, February 19, 2003 thru Sunday, March 23, 2003